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What Are The Best Times To Post on Social Networks?

One of the most common problems for social media marketing is being able to identify the best time to post on any channel in order to maximize the effectiveness of a post. Here are some tips...

30 September 2016 / Web & Social Media
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Mark Zuckerberg In A Timeline: His Success From The Beginning

Mark Zuckerberg is known as the creator of one of the most popular social network in the entire world: Facebook. Now he serves as Co-Founder and CEO, and is one of the youngest billionaires...

22 August 2016 / Web & Social Media
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One Billion Facebook Messenger's Users

Facebook Messenger has passed a milestone: 1 billion people worldwide use every month the app. Messenger has become one of the most popular and renown instant messaging services globally as...

25 July 2016 / Web & Social Media
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Coming Soon on Twitter: More Space To Words

A few days ago, Twitter announced in its blog a major change to its 140 characters limit. The microblog, born as a simple messaging tool, has become richer and richer in its content -...

27 May 2016 / Web & Social Media
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The Rise of the GIF: An Unstoppable Trend

Animated GIF - short videos often taken from movies and TV shows - are prevailing on simple images. They have quickly gone viral and it is estimated that their popularity will keep on rising...

6 May 2016 / Web & Social Media
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