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Pre-built native mobile app for iPhone and Android

Standard mobile app

Do you want to develop a mobile application for your business or company with a limited budget?
Find out now our pre-built native mobile apps designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses such as restaurants, stores, wellness centers, private practices, and many others.



Reduced time


Available offline

La mia App - The app for your business


La Mia App is the native mobile application for iPhone and Android for your business.
Thanks to the app for your business, which is fully customizable with your images and contents, you can showcase your products and services, tell your story and experience, inform your customers for free on the latest news and many more for just € 999.
Some features:


News and Notifications

Inform your customers for free on news, discounts, offers, and events thanks to push notifications

Products and Services

Showcase the products and services of your business using photos and illustrative videos

Contacts and Map

Add your contact information and let your customers find your business thanks to the geolocation on the map

Manage your contents

Manage in full autonomy the contents of your application with the control panel that is at your disposal


Do you have a store and think about an app that can showcase your products?
Do you manage a restaurant and would like an app to show your menu and your place of business?
Are you working in a small or medium-sized enterprise and thinking about an app to revamp your image?

Find out La mia App and request the iPhone and Android application for your business!

Mr. Shop - The E-Commerce app for your store


Mr. Shop is the perfect solution for building the mobile E-Commerce app of your store. Allow your customers to buy your products with a simple tap, let them know about news or reserved promotions through free push notifications and so much more.
Request now the E-Commerce app of your store and you can:


Strengthen your customers’ trust

Update your customers on the latest and let them know about on-going discounts with push notifications

Give visibility to your products

Let your customers view your products and items from the comfort of their smartphones

Always Reach Your Customers

You can inform your customers for free, at any time and wherever they are, with push notifications

Expand your business online

Thanks to the E-Commerce feature, your customers can purchase your products with a simple tap


Do you have a store and would like to increase online sales thanks to the E-Commerce app for your store?
Find out now all the features and benefits offered by Mr. Shop!