Mobile app development

Development of mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Custom native apps

If you think it's time to give your business new visibility, if you want to improve the different working stages of your company with the help of smartphones and tablets, trust Mr. APPs to ensure that your goals are met with a mobile application tailor-made for you!

Analysis of the idea and targets

An attentive analysis of the customer's idea and needs is the starting point of our activity. The goal is to find and suggest the best mobile solution to develop based on the targets to achieve.

With over 50 custom-built mobile apps, you can count on a skilled and expert team, that will be fully committed in taking care of your app. We will follow you from the initial stage of the idea to the release of the app on international Stores or on your company devices.

UI/UX Design & Technical Development

Our team of visual designers will create the graphical interface and the user experience (UI/UX) of your mobile application. We will design an engaging look & feel that can be translated into an intuitive and straightforward project.

At the same time, our team of developers, with different expertise, will take care of the technical development of your mobile app using native languages for all the main platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android.

Control Panel & Testing

Self-reliance and control are ideas that our team deeply care about. That is why we believe it is essential to give to our customers a mobile project that is easy to update independently, by using a simple control panel for managing each content of the app.

Thanks to continuous testing and technical assistance, you can count on a mobile project that’s bug-proof, perfectly working and constantly updated to the latest version of the respective operating system.

Launching & Promoting

Whether it is about an app that will be released on the App Stores or a mobile project whose aim is to improve the working stages of your company, we will take care of all the steps required to publish your application internationally or install it privately.

Thanks to our network of partner agencies specialized in Web, Social and Mobile Marketing services, we will help you to promote your app for the launch and the subsequent visibility.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

The app phenomenon is continuously expanding, especially because apps have become useful and fundamental tools not only to people, but also to companies and brands. Ever since they have been around, one of the most asked question is: how much does it cost to develop a mobile application? Find it out by reading our article!

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