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How To Increase Post Interactions On Facebook Pages: The Edgerank

Today's topic is about Facebook. A lot can be said about this social network. It is THE social network, the one which actually has the higher numbers. We want to inform you about the...

1 October 2014 / Web & Social Media
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5 Tips To Start a Successful E-Commerce Website

Over the last few years, we have witnessed many changes in technology, changes that are able to affect both the way we work and our free time. Even how we shop couldn't stay the same, not...

17 September 2014 / Web & Social Media
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5 Tips To Write A Successful Blog Post

Be it as a personal initiative or for your company, a blog is important for your business and remains an indispensable tool for online communication. As we all know, a blog consists...

2 September 2014 / Web & Social Media
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Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp

As everyone knows now, Facebook completed the acquisition of the startup WhatsApp a few hours ago for a staggering 19 billion dollars. But why? What are the reasons behind this huge...

20 February 2014 / Web & Social Media
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Facebook: From Personal Profile to Business Page!

Did you know that Facebook allows a person's profile (usually the one related to a business) to be converted to an official page without losing any friends or contacts? It is possible to...

1 August 2013 / Web & Social Media
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