Prontuario by Erbozeta

All products of Erbozeta, Pharmaluce and Logus Pharma

Prontuario is the official mobile app of the Erbozeta Group, which collects in a single instrument all the food supplements and medical devices of Erbozeta, Pharmaluce and Logus Pharma. Through the app, every medical service provider will be able to navigate all the products per single category, consult the details and technical data of each product, save the products and receive push notifications with news from the Erbozeta group. Thanks to the development of the native code project all content will be accessible even in the absence of network.
The professional tasks performed by our studio to implement this project are: analysis of the guidelines and targets of the client, designing and developing the User Interface and User Experience for smartphone and tablet, configuration of the control panel and related webservice, realization of native iOS and Android mobile applications, multilingual integration functionality, testing, bugfixing and publishing on AppStore and Google Play international stores.




iOS App, Android App





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Swift, Java

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