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Let us loop you in: all the details from Apple’s Keynote

Last night, Apple hosted the “Let us loop you in” event, that we followed live at Mr. APPs. Let’s catch up on everything we need to know about what was introduced.

22 March 2016 / Mobile, Technology
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Twitter turns 10!

On March 21, 2006, a new social network was born: its aim is to share messages of merely 140 characters. Twitter has definitely changed the way we communicate online and it now counts over...

21 March 2016 / Mobile
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Google Surprises Developers with Android N

Recently, Google has rolled out the new version of Android 7.0, news usually reserved for the annual I/O conference. This preview is mainly for developers to let them know the areas where...

18 March 2016 / Mobile
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Mr. APPs held a lecture at the University of Rimini

On March 14th, we as Mr. APPs have been invited to hold a lecture for the undergraduates of Economics at the University of Rimini.

16 March 2016 / Web & Social Media
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Facebook acquired the app MSQRD

A few days ago, MSQRD, the popular face-swapping application to record hilarious videos in celebrity masks for both iOS and Android has been acquired by Facebook.

11 March 2016 / Mobile
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