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WWDC 2013: What Apple May (or May Not) Introduce

As announced a few weeks ago, the Apple WWDC 2013 (Worldwide Developer Conference) will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco in less than twenty days' time. The hype for this event is...

23 May 2013 / Technology
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iWatch: Revolution Of The Year Or Bluff Of The Century?

For months now, the web has been filled up with rumors about upcoming products that Apple will launch on the market, the jewels that Steve Jobs has bequeathed to his team. These include the...

2 April 2013 / Technology
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Google Glass, The Future Is Getting Clearer

Although Google Glass will not be available until next year, these futuristic glasses are starting to reveal themselves more and more. And parodies abound. As we've all got to discover...

14 March 2013 / Technology
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Goodbye Confusion. Welcome To The New Facebook

A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the next major update of Facebook: the new design to highlight images, filters for the news on the wall and the perfect consistency of the interface...

14 March 2013 / Web & Social Media
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What The iPhone Could Have Been Named

Recently, the names that Apple took under consideration for its well-known smartphone have been revealed. The choice was not as simple as one might think. Let’s find out together what the...

14 March 2013 / Mobile
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