From the United States to our studio in the Republic of San Marino, the long-awaited Google Glass finally arrived. They are currently reserved for celebrities and special tech companies based in the US and in the UK.

Thanks to the support of a US partner, we were able to get a prototype of the famous tech gadget (which we have already talked about in this post), a wearable technology that will most likely affect our daily habits within the next 2 years.

With a pair of Google Glass, it will be possible to take and share pictures, record videos, search, get directions, send messages and make calls by using simple voice commands such as “OK Glass”, therefore there's no need to use a smartphone.

As of today, Google Glass has been successfully used in the medical and sport field, while there are already numerous cases reported on the internet everyday from the first Google Glass Explorer, the users' name of this Beta technology.

With the direct support none other than Google, we are already working to design and develop applications that will make the Google Glass even more helpful and easy to use.

Since they arrived, we have been using them every spare minute we have. It's amazing how extremely convenient and fast they are. They perform the main actions: calling, sending messages and taking pictures by winking or by using voice command.

Our startup can now count on an important advantage over the national and European competitors, because we are among the first companies in the world to use this technology. We hope it will result in the development of applications with international visibility designed specifically for wearable devices.



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