Although Google Glass will not be available until next year, these futuristic glasses are starting to reveal themselves more and more. And parodies abound.

As we've all got to discover over the last few months, the futuristic project Google Glass seems closer. This is proven by the possibility to pre-order them, issued by the United States in February. So let's figure out how they work and how we can use them.

Thanks to the lated official video released by Google, we find that the interface consists of a small OSD that overlaps with our field of vision on the far right, to allow us to receive information without excessively impeding our view. With voice commands, it will be possible to perform operations such as: write messages, take pictures, record video or browse the Internet.
Google Glass will also be able to remind us about appointments and suggest directions based on our current position.

However, we still have to understand how we could employ them. Because of that, Google has launched the competition called #if_I_Had_a_Glass a few weeks ago to receive the more original ideas for using its latest innovation.

Meanwhile, the Internet is producing countless parodies, the last one being on the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day.

While there's still doubts about their scope, Google has being too clear about the price. It seems that Google Glass will cost no less than $ 1,500, although it is expected that the price will go down to the current market price of the most advanced smartphones within two years.