As announced a few weeks ago, the Apple WWDC 2013 (Worldwide Developer Conference) will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco in less than twenty days' time. The hype for this event is high: as a matter of fact, the tickets sold out in just 100 seconds. The conference will start with the classic keynote and will be led by Tim Cook, who will introduce new products and services by the Cupertino company.

Let's start with the most rumored as well as probable products.

• iOS 7 and OS X 10.9: Probability 100%. Practically confirmed. The new Apple operating systems have already emerged from the web through the first beta versions and it is almost impossible that they won't be introduced: the conference is about developers, after all. Among the most eagerly awaited news, there's the graphic refresh of the two OS after Jony Ive replaced Scott Forstall and took over the design of the UI. The most quoted name for OS X 10.9 is Lynx.

MacBook Air: Probability 70%. Resellers aren't stocking their shelves and it's been a year since the last update. We would expect an update or a speed bump, perhaps with the notorious Retina Display that is slowly entering the standard equipment of the Apple notebooks.

• iRadio: Probability 50%. The streaming music service made ​​in Cupertino is creating a lot of problems to the major record labels, especially to Sony Music. What needs to be negotiated with the artists, we still don't know; what we do know is that if Apple isn't holding all the cards, it is highly unlikely that iRadio would be unveiled at the WWDC.

• iWatch: Probability 30%. We've already talked about this in our article, but the rumors around it have significantly fallen, making it look like castles in the air, a temporary trending topic. But as always, Apple has the last word.

iPhone 5S/6: Probability 20%. Still not enough clues: we've seen perhaps the new home button and a SIM tray. There are only few appearances in the lists of the various operators but above all, iOS 7 is yet to be introduced and tested. Therefore, the new iPhone is likely to hit the shelves at the usual deadline: September-October.

• Mac Pro: ?. It's what we've been waiting for, as the top-level of the Mac range has been discontinued since March 2013 due to incompatibility with EU environmental standards. It could be a beautiful gift for professionals, recently snubbed by Apple and relegated to buy iMacs or MacBooks.

Nothing prevents Mr. Cook to pull out the "One more thing..." of the hat, just like Steve Jobs usually did: we'll see on Monday, June 10th at 7 PM Italian time!