San Marino Differenzia, the mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones for recycling in San Marino, gets an update: the integration of the 2015 calendar of the kerbside collection and the special calendar reserved for local businesses.

Created for free by our company as a gift for all the citizens of San Marino, the aim of San Marino Differenzia is to become your sidekick in the kerbside collection of the Republic of San Marino.
The app San Marino Differenzia provides a useful search field, where you simply enter the name of the waste and it will show you the correct bin. You will also have access to the calendar of the kerbside collection divided by cities, while a daily notification will help you remember which bins you need to put outside your door.

This update has been made possible thanks to the partnership with the cooperative A.A.S.S  and the cooperative Transforma, which regularly contributed in providing calendars for the kerbside collection.

San Marino Differenzia, the kerbside collection in the Republic of San Marino for everyone.
Download now the new update for your iPhone or for your Android smartphone, it's free!

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