For months now, the web has been filled up with rumors about upcoming products that Apple will launch on the market, the jewels that Steve Jobs has bequeathed to his team. These include the iTV, already anticipated in the biography about Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, and a possible smartwatch made in Cupertino that everyone is already calling iWatch.

As for any new Apple product, nothing is certain about iWatch and nothing will be definitely known until the magic clock will be revealed to the public, should this occur. The main websites, however, fantasize with rumors, opinions of analysts and some graphic mockups.

Among the features of the rumored device, it might have a 1.5" display, an ultra-fast wireless technology (that Apple recently patented), a curved and flexible screen, the ability to make video calls and listen to music. But it will have to face essential requirements typical of a smartwatch as well, such as a long battery life, especially because of the upcoming release of Samsung's own smartwatch, the Galaxy Altius. Anyway, analysts are ready for yet another mass phenomenon by the Cupertino company. "A 6 billion dollars opportunity for Apple" – said Citi analyst Oliver Chen.

But there are also those who think that the iWatch is just a fake story, put out by Apple to hide a project of more impact. Former manager of the Californian giant Jean-Louis Gassée seems to think so and, as a matter of fact, tweeted: "Sometimes I just hope Apple's putative iWatch is a head fake, throwing competitors in the wrong direction..."

Anyway, as for any new Apple product, that's usually not the end of the matter: we'll see in the next keynote what Mr. Cook will pull out of the hat.