Last night, Apple held the usual autumn event to introduce new products at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts theater in San Francisco. New iPads and MacBooks, iLife and iWork '13 and so much more. Let's take a closer look at them.

Let's start off with the iPad. A new model has been introduced and it's called iPad Air. It has been completely redesigned, it's only 7.5 mm thick and weights just 450 grams. The design echoes the one of the iPad mini, which has been updated with a Retina Display as well. Both iDevices have been equipped with a 64-bit A7 processor and a M7 motion coprocessor - the same that the iPhone 5s has. Prices start from € 389 for the iPad mini and € 479 for the iPad Air.

iPad air

But what are we to do with a 64-bit processor without the right apps? Well, Apple pulled out of the hat the new iWork and iLife suite, completely redesigned for iOS 7 and for OS X. Moreover, Apple introduced the Drummer GarageBand feature - that allows users to create automatically a drum track on a registered groove - and the iCloud sharing for iWork, to share and edit documents in real time among several people on different operating systems. Both suites are redesigned for the 64-bit processor and become free for all new iOS devices and Macs.

iLife - iWork

Big news for the Mac, with a new line of MacBook Pro enhanced with a Retina display and reduced prices. The design is unchanged but the Mac has been integrated with the new 4th generation Intel Core processor and  Intel Iris graphics processor for the 13" model – and Intel Iris Pro for the 15". Prices in Italy start from € 1,329 for the 13” and € 2,029 for the 15”. The MacBook Pro 13" non-Retina Display, the only computer left equipped with a DVD SuperDrive player, is still on the sell list.


As for the Mac Pro, introduced at the WWDC of this year, it will be sold at € 3049. Mavericks, the new version of OS X - which was also introduced in June – gets a free upgrade, which is already available on the App Store for all users of Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.