Summer is almost over and if you're a student, it's time to face it and start thinking about hitting the books.

In the application world, we can find many school apps, so we selected 5 useful applications for your smartphone to help you get back in the game and to improve your school performance.

Let's start with an app designed specifically for students: SchooLife. The app aims to help students organize their life in the classroom.

You can record your grades split between the 1st and the 2nd term, view your school performance with diagrams and use the calendar to write down your homework and share the results on Facebook.

With this app, you can:

  • record your grades, split between the 1st and the 2nd term;
  • add date, title and notes to each grade;
  • monitor your school performance at any time by checking charts for every single subject;
  • share on Facebook your grades and general performance;
  • view graphs related to your school performance;
  • write down your homework;
  • set an alarm for your homework, so you'll never forget to study;
  • write your class timetable;
  • save and review your performance anytime.

Many features to simplify your school life and get rid of the traditional diary.

Platform: iOS

If you love learning languages, especially English, the app English-Italian Dictionary Garzanti Hazon is perfect for you.

The Garzanti's dictionaries are innovative, affordable, universal and always updated.

The app is always available on your smartphone. Once downloaded from the store, you can consult it at any time, even while offline.

The app offers a huge amount of entries stored inside, including meanings, technical terms, phrasal verbs, false friends, conjugation tables for verbs and notes to solve linguistic doubts.

The search of words can be saved, in order to speed up the process and save time. Moreover, you can refer to them from any device, by synching the app with your profile.

This app provides:

  • 2,000 neologisms (new words, meanings, phrases and acronyms);
  • 400,000 headwords and definitions;
  • basic English vocabulary highlighted in color;
  • 58,000 technical terms from science, technology, business, and law;
  • words and idioms of American English;
  • over 2,700 phrasal verbs;
  • false friends, misleading similarities between English and Italian;
  • grammar, vocabulary, and encyclopedic notes;
  • phonetic transcription and division into syllables of English words ;
  • morphology and accents of Italian words;
  • conjugation tables for 8,500 regular and irregular verbs;
  • audio pronunciation of English words (requires an active Internet connection).

The app can be downloaded for free with a 7 days free trial, but in order to access the full version, you'll need a monthly subscription, which costs € 0.89.

Platform: iOS

For those who face Latin classes everyday, Latino is a very useful app that will definitely speed up the process of searching words.

For questions about words, grammatical rules or for a quick revision on one of the many Latin authors, this app will help you access many resources directly from your smartphone.

With this app, you can:

  • get access to 2300 and 1300 translated versions;
  • search for authors or keywords for Latin texts;
  • suggest via email what is missing;
  • view documents in PDF format;
  • avoid being caught: activate a clock that will hide the app.

Platform: iOS and Android

If you love math, or even if you find difficult to solve equations and math expressions, Solve Expressions is just the right app for you.

This app can help you solve math expressions, step by step in order to understand the process.

Solve Expressions solves numerical expressions, fractions and exponentials, showing all the steps to take. Write the expression in the field, check the preview and then solve it.


  • fractions 2/3 (two divided by three)
  • sign * (asterisk) // divided : (colon)
  • exponentiation 2 ^ 3 (two to the third
  • repeating decimal 2,0 (3)

Platform: iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Finally, it you need help with grammatical analysis, download Grammatical Analysis Plus.

The app has a very nice, simple and clean design. All you need to do is write a sentence in the blank field and it will automatically analyze it.

Platform: iOS and Android

(Photo Credits Marko Morciano)