Over the last few days, the application MyDaylife, Mr. APPs' key product, has shot to the top of the App Store, ranking No. 1 in its category in over 20 countries: Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Switzerland, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, etc..

With the recent results, beyond all expectations, the app now counts over 300,000 users, who access the service daily to assess and keep track of their emotions and experiences. The icing on the cake came later in the evening directly from Apple that has chosen to include MyDaylife among the Featured apps in the Store.

It is an incredible achievement that allowed us to introduce to the world one of our most cherished projects. Being able to shift the international attention on a product Made in San Marino, makes us confident that it will be a new starting point, to believe and invest in technology and innovation even in our little Republic.

Explore the features of the app by visiting the official website www.mydaylife.it

MyDaylife AppStore

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