According to Bloomberg News, YouTube is on the verge of entering into the TV world with a subscription service called Unplugged. It could start as early as 2017 and would allow customers to stream a bundle of cable TV channels.

The same source reports that the platform, owned by Google, is working on an online cable package since at least 2012, but following the strategies made by competitors such as Sony and Hulu over the last few months, YouTube has taken on new urgency. As a matter of fact, the platform is already undergoing some changes in the infrastructure to meet those requirements.

YouTube ambitions have been growing over the last few years and “Red” is a perfect example. It’s Youtube first paid service that offers exclusive access to the entire platform: no ads and access to special contents, just like Netflix does. Unveiled last October, the service is only available in the United States at $10, but it should be expanding to Europe over the next few months.

Conversely, Unplugged will offer a bundle of channels with four broadcast networks at a $35 monthly subscription.
This move is strictly bound to provide a premium content onto YouTube’s platform, grabbing more viewing time and generating more non-advertising revenue.

YouTube executives have discussed these plans with most major media companies, including NBCUniversal, Viacom Inc., Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. and CBS Corp.
However, it appears that no agreement has been reached at this time.

Source: Bloomberg News