On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the App Store, auction giant eBay conducted an interesting experiment. The purpose was to identify the degree of dependence of people to their apps.
The results (even if foreseeable) were incredible and we, as Mr. APPs, thought of showing you them in a clear and simple infographic, which you can download and share via the link at the end of the article.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 200 people who agreed to spend, not without a little bit of struggle, 4 days without being able to use the main mobile applications, such as social networks, photo sharing, navigation and weather.

More than 1/3 of the participants abandoned the experiment, unable to stay without their favorite apps for only 4 days.
"I felt like I couldn't do anything and at the same time I felt isolated", "I felt a deep sense of loss and abandonment without my apps. When I got to use them again, then I felt at peace with myself", said the participants at the end of the test.
Statements that do no more than mark the relevant (sometimes disturbing) influence that apps have in the everyday life of people.

At the end of the test, 55% of the participants felt happier, 40% more productive, 39% more relaxed and 32% less frustrated.

When given back their apps, 49% took/shared more photos and videos, 48% read more, 22% monitored more their own finances, 12% exercised more, etc..

The experiment also shows that, thanks to apps, study participants saved on average 30 minutes a day or, if you prefer, 182 hours a year. This is the equivalent of circling the world three and a half times by plan, running 40 marathons a year or listen to the album “Random Access Memories” by Daft Punk for 147 times.

How long would you be able to resist, without your favorite apps?

View and download the infographic in PDF format