Recently, Cisco - the American worldwide leading company in IT - has revealed in the 10th edition of the Visual Networking Index (VNI) its forecasting for the global mobile traffic data for 2015 to 2020. What will the future hold?

According to data provided by Cisco, mobile will have dominated the future of connectivity by 2020: about 70% of the world population (which will count 7.8 billion of people) will use mobile devices, which means that mobile users will reach the astonishing number of 5.5 billion. A frenetic growth that will bring the mobile traffic to increase of 8 times.

The high usage of mobile data will be mostly driven by the exponential growth of video (streaming services, news, ads, social media) which will have the higher growth rate than any other mobile application: as a matter of fact, it will represent over 70% of all mobile traffic.

It is forecasted that smart devices will generate 98% of mobile data traffic: smartphones will dominate mobile traffic, followed by tablets and the come-back of laptops. This will bring a total of 11.6 billion of mobile-ready devices/connections and, luckily for users, the speed of connections will increase as well.

Finally, the data from wearable world are mentioned as well. Up until 2015, there were around 97 million wearable devices in use. By 2020, the number will be much more higher: over 600 millions.

Cisco highlights how the adoption of mobile devices, the increase of mobile coverage and the demand of mobile contents are generating a growth in the number of users more than twice as fast as the growth of the world population.
Therefore, the future will be fully packed with digital users, connections, applications and high-definition contents.