Within a couple of weeks, Pokémon Go became the most downloaded game, sparking the curiosity of millions of old fans. The application, launched by Nintendo for smartphone, uses augmented reality and provides a real-time detailed map of the surrounding places to find new Pokémon through GPS.
Here are the 5 strangest situations happened to Pokémon Go’s players.

A police station becomes a PokéStop

PokéStops are places to get objects like Poké Balls or Pokémon eggs. They are located close to key sites or monuments and require players to be close to the place indicated by the game.
In Detroit, a twenty-six-year-old fugitive came about a PokéStop that turned out to be a police station. Because of his criminal records for intrusion and violation of private property, policemen recognized him and arrested him.

A house is turned into a Pokémon gym

Like PokéStops, gyms can be detected by getting close to a given area in the real world. Boon Sheridan lives in an old church, a place chosen by Niantic as a location for a Pokémon Gym. Cars and groups of people rounded up his house, holding their smartphone with Pokémon Go and that’s how this man found out that his house was turned into a gym.

Looking for Pokemon and ending up finding a corpse

Near a river in Wyoming, Shayla Wiggins was trying to catch a Pokémon, but along the shore, she found a corpse instead. She immediately called 911 and the police came right away. Just a bad experience for the poor nineteen year old.

Three men mistaken for drug dealers

Three men have opted to hunt down Pokémons and gathered randomly in the same park at the same time. A resident near the park, thinking they were three potential drug dealers, called the police. It took some time to explain the situation, but in the end one of the policemen that was called on scene, has even downloaded the game on his phone.

Team Rocket is real

Four thieves decided to take advantage of Pokémon Go to rob players. Through the geolocation system, they positioned themselves near a PokéStop to attract unsuspecting players. They successfully robbed eight people in just a few days. The web did not let that slip away and named them Team Rocket.