The app phenomenon is constantly growing, especially since they have become useful and essential tools not only for people, but also for companies and brands. One of the most difficult questions (among the most common ones) since apps are around is this: how much does it cost to build a mobile application?

Answering this question is fairly simple: it depends. It needs to be kept in mind that there’s a number of factors affecting the price of an app, which depend on its characteristics. The more features are offered, the more the price to develop an app will increase. Even apps defined as ”simple" (and we hear this term often) can quickly become costly projects. Therefore, the difficulty in providing precise estimates comes from the question: what would you like to do? A clear idea - i.e. what you want to accomplish - plays a fundamental role, starting from the operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). Generally speaking, the development of a native tailor-made mobile application can start from 5,000 euros per operating system to over 50,000 euros.

Even though it may seem like an important investment, developing an app does not require just one developer. It is necessary to rely on a team of qualified professionals with multidisciplinary expertise to achieve a high quality product that will be approved by Apple and Google.

Our team that will handle your app will be mainly consisting of:

  • Project Manager (responsible for starting, planning, controlling and closing a project)
  • Visual and UI / UX Graphic Designer (User Interface and User Experience)

  • UI/UX Engineer

  • Mobile developer for iOS

  • Mobile developer for Android

  • Web developer
  • Beta Tester

The development of an app benefits from a number of common processes:

  1. Concept and strategy
  2. Graphic interface design (UI - user interface)
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Publication

It is not unusual for strategy, concept, user experience and design to take as much time as development, even for customers who have a clear vision of what they want. Often, concept, design experience and interface require more time and energy. So while many people are searching for the "developer" for their app, it would be more appropriate to pursue strategy, design and developer partners.

In the 4 years since we opened, we have designed, developed and launched over 50 iOS and Android apps, from our ideas to our customers. We reached the top of the App Store’s rankings and we had the pleasure of working with different types of customers with many different business goals. We have developed a set of knowledge that gave us practical experience in the world of applications.

We understand that those figures may not be for everyone, so we decided to create pre-made native mobile applications, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, such as restaurants, shops, SPAs, professionals and many more.

La Mia App (transl. My App) is a native mobile application for iPhone and Android for your business. It is fully customizable with your logo and your content. Showcase your products and services, tell your story and experience, inform your customers for free on the latest news and so much more, only at 999€!
Manage independently the content of your app with a control panel at your disposal, take advantage of geolocation and notify for free your customers about news, discounts, promotions and events, thanks to push notifications.

For shops that plan to expand their business online, we designed Mr. Shop: the ideal solution to create the perfect E-Commerce app for your store. Let your customers purchase your products with a simple tap, talk to your customers and let them know your news or discounts via free push notifications and so much more.

What we need to know in order to guide you to a more precise estimate is the opportunity to open a dialogue about the features and the purely technical details that you require: for which operating system does you app require? Will the app be developed for tablets as well? Does it need to communicate with a server? Would you like for it to be localized (multilingual)? You will not reveal your idea, but simply show us all the features and specifications for its development.

Send us your idea to now or fill in our online form to submit your request for a quote.