Although artificial intelligence (or AI) is conceived purely as a discipline in a scientific context, Google is trying to radically change this concept. Through the Magenta project, the Mountain View company is developing an artificial intelligence that is able to teach the "machine" how to paint and write music.

The first tangible project of Google’s division is a song that lasts 90 seconds, created through a neural network with just four notes. The orchestra sounds and the drums have been added later.

The Magenta project has two goals. The first is to develop algorithms that can learn to create works of art and music. The second is to build a community of artists, programmers and machine learning researchers that can work together to create art.

Magenta is based on TensorFlow, Google's open source repository for machine learning, which allows users to create algorithms for a computer program that can improve its performance through experience.

This is not the first time that Google approaches the world of artificial intelligence. This year, AI AlphaGo defeated the current champion of Go, a table game, while last year, the DeepDream program created works of art by trying to detect faces and other patterns in the images.

Here is the link to listen to the song written by the Magenta project.

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