A year and half ago, Google introduced its first adventure into virtual reality, Google Cardboard.
Thanks to Cardboard, you can build your own viewer to experience virtual reality, using a simple cardboard, scissors and some glue. Now, several online stores deliver a kit to your home at a cost below € 15.00.

Since they have been launched on the market, Cardboard has reached over 5 million fans and in just two month (October - December), 10 million apps, which offer immersive and engaging experiences, have been published. Along with the comfort of YouTube, users have watched over 350k hours of videos and thanks to Expeditions, students from all over the world teleported to 150 different places, including the White House and the Republic of Congo.

A few days ago, Google announced that the company is planning to release a successor to Cardboard, something with sensors, new lenses, and a sturdier build, that brings creative, entertaining and educational experiences to mobile VR. This is a clear sign that Google Cardboard is not just a side venture, but a long term project.