2015 is about to end and it's time to wrap things up even for the tech field as far as business is concerned. Technology continues to flourish and give investment opportunities all over the world. In order to stay up to speed, you need to be smart, innovative and follow new trends. But, what were the trends of 2015? Let's find out together.


Even though we've been talking about beacons since 2013, 2015 has been the year that this technology has been applied in a commercial setting. As the name suggests, it's a device designed to draw attention to a specific location. Beacons are little wireless devices that transmit signals using the Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth SMART technology. Mobile applications on compatible devices are able to listen to those signals in the physical world and send data at a shot distance (renowned Bluetooth characteristic). “Data” means notifications, deals, videos, links and other forms of media that are relevant to the specific location of a person. Essentially, this technology gives the opportunity to send ads to customers' smartphones. This is a whole new way to communicate with customers.


If 2014 was the year of the cloud along with its fear of the unknown, 2015 has been characterized by a total change in course. Companies that offer cloud computing services reported that customers trust them more in comparison with the previous year. Companies are increasingly moving to the “cloud”, especially since more security is guaranteed. This is because all the information on the cloud are accessible everywhere and with every device, but a copy of the file does not exist directly at our disposal, as it would be on the hard disk. Acquiring this service means storing, searching, managing, cooperating and so much more in an easier way. But most of all, it's a much cheaper solution for a company, which can eliminate costs such as the purchase of hardware or user support.

Big Data

For years, the importance of data has been on everyone's mind, but in 2015 the need to know how to use and take advantage of them has grown exponentially. The term is used to describe a collection of data so huge that it requires technologies and specific methods to extract the data you need, not to mention that they require new professional figures. Managing Big Data constitutes a huge potential for the company's business, which will be able to know everything on their customers and competitors. Analytics tools are the perfect aid for transforming statistics to marketing actions and offer the proper information. For this reason, knowing how to read Big Data has become fundamental for companies.

Stampa 3D

The mass production of 3D printing, which allows to print a replica of an object through 3D modeling software, grew exponentially in 2015, thanks to low-cost models as well. It has become a real tool that will help reducing the labour and production costs. 3D printing can be applied in many different fields, from design and architecture to medicine and prototyping.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the evolution of the network. It refers to the extension of the Internet to the physical objects and real places. The goal of the Internet of Things is to ensure that the electronic world traces a map of the real world, giving electronic identity to things. Objects are able to communicate information over the internet to mobile devices. IoT can be applied in many different fields, from industrial applications (production processes) and energy efficiency, to home automation (smart house) and environmental protection.